Some Great Days on the Bay

We have had some awesome outings since earning our certificate in August 2014.  Some great times are ahead for you too!  Join us soon on Romancing The Wind!

Schooner Cup

We had the bird-eye view of the exciting annual Schooner Cup race in April!  A great day of sail!  The schooners were in fine form and we hit above 8 knots!

Great Whale Sail Season!

We had super exciting cruises beyond the point during whale watching season.  We were thrilled to see harbor seals, pods of dolphins and majestic whales, and some great waves!

Wedding on The Bay

Congratulations to our first wedding couple, Cara and Scott.  They had a lovely day for a DecemberWedding on the Bay, with their pretty daughters in attendance.  Romancing The Wind picked up the wedding party on Coronado, provided a gorgeous bouquet, and a marriage ceremony by Captain Jack overlooking the city skyline.  With champagne in hand, a toast, and some photos, the newlyweds enjoyed a relaxing sail reflecting on their history and their new life together.